August 14, 2016

I’ve had a bad experience with a recruiting firm.

Sometimes our competitors make our job so easy.

So you’ve had a bad experience. Well hey! Talk to us about it. It’s a good bet we’ve heard it before. That’s why we work very hard to make sure you don’t have these same experiences with us. Look. Everybody makes mistakes. But if the mistakes are built right in to the process, then you get what’s coming to you. Sometimes it feels as if our competitors are trying to make us look good. Other times we wonder how long clients will put up with recruiters.

We take this service thing seriously.

Here’s a good example. A recruiter refers a great candidate to you. You meet the person and everything is going great. Then your H/R department tells you, just before you are ready to make an offer, that the candidate’s resume came in a couple of month’s ago from Big Box Recruiting Firm, Inc., and that they will sue if you hire this person through any other recruiter. So, to avoid an ugly scene, and potentially two fees, you are forced to back away from the candidate. You also find out that the candidate had never even met with Big Box, Inc.

Sound familiar? It should. It happens EVERY DAY. You see, some firms actually have this deceitful practice built into their standard operating procedures. It’s called “Resume Prospecting”. It was common in the early days of recruiting. It is still done today, and it’s despicable. That’s why we will not refer candidates to clients without everyone’s authorization. Does your recruiting firm do this?

Ask us how we can help solve your hiring needs, not create more problems for you.