August 13, 2016

I need to see more candidates first.

Just a few more minutes, please.

I’m not ready to use a recruiter yet.

Ben Franklin said, “Time is money”? Smart guy, right? Well, we have actually heard clients say, “I want to see at least 10 candidates before I make a decision”.

Frankly, we are probably not the best firm to help a hiring manager like that. You see, we actually value your time. But if you don’t put a value on your own time, well, you don’t need a recruiter. You need a therapist.

Time is money. We all know that. So when your recruiting process gets all bottled up, it leads to higher cost and poor decisions. Here, let’s prove it. Say you need a new accounting manager. You have a very well defined criteria. You start the process and after seeing 4-5 people, with one or two very good candidates, you still feel the need to see more people. After seeing another 4-5 people you are now comfortable that you have seen enough quality candidates to make a decision. But there is one problem. The one or two top candidates you saw early in the process are not waiting for you to make a decision. They are looking at other opportunities. In fact, the best candidates have moved on, taking other jobs. This leaves you with a smaller field of less desirable candidates. So you go back to the drawing board, wanting more candidates like the ones you lost. Get the picture? Sound familiar? This happens ALL THE TIME. The longer and more methodical your process is, the greater the likelihood that the best candidates will not even be available to you. Your hiring process may be eliminating the best candidates.

Talk to us about how you hire people. We can help you streamline your process without limiting your choices.